v0.8 released!

new features:
  • add seconds timer switch.  You can enable seconds timer for better looking, or close it for battery saving.
  • fix minor bugs


v0.7 released!

new features:

  • add niconico English and USA BD/DVD relase countdown.
  • show counters one by one.
  • second timer is back!
  • add more official links.
  • fix minor bugs.

I want more countdown!

Currently the widget have 3 countdowns, but that is not enough.  PMMM is being worldwide, TV shows and products are everywhere, everyday.  Even with the help of wiki.puella-magi.net (big thx!) , I am not able to know all shows/products deadline.

So, if you want to add more Madoka related deadline, please contact me: luzi82 at gmail dot com .

I am thinking of getting the deadlines from the web, so we no longer need to update the app again and again.  But that need tons of efforts.

I know many ppl want to add custom timer to the widget.  But you know... It is timer for Madoka, so I need to think more about it.  If you really like / dont like a custom timer, please let me know.

Where is 佐倉杏子?

I want to add 佐倉杏子 to the widget, but I cannot do it.  I wish someone can help me for it.

The widget will play actor voice if user click on the icon.  The voice are came from the Japanese official site.  However, there is no voice of Kyoko.

I know it is possible to get her voice from the animation, but I am not good in audio editing.

If you are good in audio editing, please help me to do it.  Please remove the background noise.  I need 4 voice clips of her.  If you can give me more, I will be very happy.  Once everything is done, I will add your name to the credit page.

Please send her voice in 64.0 Kbps mono mp3.  My email: luzi82 at gmail dot com